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Image by Riley McCullough

Change the Game in your Licensing Department 


Game Changer Licensing is a professional services firm that’s focused on one goal: helping colleges generate more money by optimizing their licensing programs.


While many of the largest universities have full-time licensing staff, the majority of colleges in this country don’t. In fact, most colleges assign licensing responsibilities to staff that would otherwise have a different full-time job at the university outside of licensing. These are the schools that need some coaching when it comes to optimizing their respective programs. That’s where we can help.


Our team can assess your current licensing program and design strategic plans that take it to the next level. We can do this in a few ways: as an out-sourced licensing representative for your school; as a ‘go-to’ resource on licensing to your current staff; or as a player-coach that designs your licensing program and executes it on a monthly retainer basis.


Our staff is led by Tim Potter, a seasoned licensing professional with nearly three decades of experience working in college athletics including ten years as the leader of the licensing program at Arizona State University.


Game Changer Licensing will help your under-served and under-performing licensing program become a consistent revenue generator.  With the implementation of industry best practices and the development of a best in class group of licensees, your licensing program will move beyond the learning curve.

By working with us, colleges can expect:


• an objective review of their current licensing program


• fresh ideas that can help generate more revenue


• professional support that enables colleges to outsource some (or all) of their licensing


• access to a wealth of industry contacts and resources



Protection and promotion of all marks that represent your school.


Artwork approvals.

Be the primary liaison with licensing agent.

Develop and execute marketing campaigns to help increase sales.

Establish strategy and direction to grow the program.

Contact person to explain licensing process and policies.

Main contact with peer institutions, licensing and trade organizations.

Day to day contact with licensees and retailers.

On-boarding of new licensees.

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