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October 19, 2020                                                        Tim Potter       (480) 766-3347




Newly-Launched Firm Helps Colleges Increase Licensing Revenues


Led by Former ASU Licensing Director Tim Potter,

Game Changer Licensing Takes Under Served Programs to the Next Level



SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - At a time when a lot of colleges are operating with reduced staff but, at the same time are also being asked to increase revenue, a new professional services firm is offering an outsourced solution that helps them to accomplish both.


Game Changer Licensing is a new outsourced service firm founded by Tim Potter - a collegiate athletics veteran of more than 30 years and former director of licensing at Arizona State University from 2010-2020.


“Even before the pandemic hit, a lot of colleges were under-staffed or under-qualified when it came to maximizing their licensing programs,” said Potter. “Today, ‘a lot’ has become ‘most’ due to needed furloughs and layoffs. That’s really why our services are so-needed in the current market.”


Game Changer Licensing works with small- and mid-size colleges in a number of ways including: as an outsourced licensing representative that can design and manage a college’s entire licensing program; a ‘go to’ resource to a college’s existing licensing staff; or to take on specific licensing initiatives on a project basis.


Some of the most common types of services provided by the firm include: promotion and protection of all marks owned by each school; approval of artwork; on-boarding of new licensees; marketing campaigns that increase sales; day-to-day contact with licensees and retailers; as well as relationship building among peer institutions, licensing and trade organizations.


“We realize that every college is different when it comes to licensing needs and opportunities,” said Potter. “We like to sit down to a ‘socially distanced’ coffee or Zoom to discuss each school’s current licensing program, its goals moving forward and to discuss some initial thoughts on how we can help take it to the next level. From that we produce customized recommendations that are specific to their needs.”


Founded in 2020, Game Changer Licensing LLC is based in Scottsdale, Ariz. More information on the firm and its services can be viewed online at



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